Facility Inspections

What facility types are on this site?

Psychiatric hospitals can have multiple credentials, including a behavioral health agency license. This webpage only contains investigation and inspection reports for licensed psychiatric hospitals, which are required to also have a behavioral health agency license.

What type of information is on this site?
  • Inspection reports: also known as ‘surveys,’ this is the process by which the department evaluates the facility’s compliance with applicable statutes and regulations. In addition to state inspections, the department conducts federal surveys on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Investigation reports: in response to reported concerns, the department checks to ensure the facility is in compliance with rule and regulations. In addition to state investigations, the department conducts federal investigations on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Enforcement actions: notice summarizing action taken by the department to compel a return to compliance.
How far back does the information go?

We have posted available information dating back to 2015. Information pertaining to a behavioral health agency license only goes back to July 1, 2018, which is the date regulatory authority was transferred to the Department of Health from the Department of Social and Health Services.

How often do you post updates?

The length of time for completion and posting of final documents will vary. If you are looking for specific information not currently posted, please email our public disclosure office.

What about other hospitals?

If you're looking for information on a facility that is not posted on this site, email our public disclosure office.

Facility Inspections and Investigations

Facility Name License Number City of Facility State Inspection Reports State Investigation Reports Federal Inspection Reports Federal Investigation Reports Enforcement
BHC Fairfax Hospital HPSY.FS.00000004 Kirkland
BHC Fairfax Hospital North HPSY.FS.60492181 Everett
Cascade Behavioral Hospital BHA.FS.60874153 Tukwila
Cascade Behavioral Hospital HPSY.FS.60429197 Tukwila
Fairfax Behavioral Health HPSY.FS.60603057 Monroe

Link to file (PDF)

Fairfax Behavioral Health - Everett E and T BHA.FS.60873710 Everett
Fairfax Behavioral Health - Kirkland E and T BHA.FS.60874579 Kirkland
Fairfax Behavioral Health - Monroe E and T BHA.FS.60873711 Monroe
Inland Northwest Behavioral Health HPSY.FS.60882652 Spokane
Inland Northwest Behavioral Health BHA.FS.60894630 Spokane
Lourdes Counseling Center HPSY.FS.60865270 Richland
NAVOS HPSY.FS.00000019 Seattle

2018-78553 (PDF)

Navos - Inpatient Services BHA.FS.60873258 Seattle
Rainier Springs BHA.FS.60888597 Vancouver

2019-10497 (PDF)

2019-10764 (PDF)

2019-10936 (PDF)

2019-11556 (PDF)

2019-12018 (PDF)

Rainier Springs HPSY.FS.60877559 Vancouver
Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital HPSY.FS.60739147 Marysville
Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital BHA.FS.60874194 Marysville
South Sound Behavioral Hospital HPSY.FS.60951342 Lacey

2020-96934 (PDF)

South Sound Behavioral Hospital BHA.FS.60947570 Lacey
Wellfound Behavioral Health Hospital HPSY.FS.60919628 Tacoma
Wellfound Behavioral Health Hospital BHA.FS.60925415 Tacoma