Pharmacy Commission


Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

The WACs related to pharmacy are listed below. If the WAC you're looking for isn't listed, use the searchable database of all WACs on the legislative website.

Relevant WACs

Chapter 246-11 WAC Model procedural rules for boards
Chapter 246-12 WAC Administrative Procedures and Requirements for Credentialed Health Care Providers
Chapter 246-15 WAC Whistleblower Complaints in Health Care Settings
Chapter 246-16 WAC Standards of professional conduct
Chapter 246-470 WAC Prescription Monitoring Program
Chapter 246-856 WAC Board of Pharmacy - General
Chapter 246-858 WAC Internship Requirements
Chapter 246-860 WAC Standards of Professional Conduct
Chapter 246-861 WAC Professional Pharmaceutical Education
Chapter 246-863 WAC Pharmacists - Licensing
Chapter 246-865 WAC Pharmaceutical Services - Extended Care Facility
Chapter 246-867 WAC Impaired Pharmacist Rehabilitation
Chapter 246-869 WAC Pharmacy - Licensing
Chapter 246-870 WAC Electronic Transmission Of Prescription Information
Chapter 246-871 WAC Parenteral Products - Nonhospital Patients
Chapter 246-873 WAC Hospital Pharmacy Standards
Chapter 246-874 WAC Pharmacy and Technology
Chapter 246-875 WAC Patient Medication Record Systems
Chapter 246-877 WAC Pharmaceutical — sales prohibited
Chapter 246-878 WAC Good Compounding Practices
Chapter 246-879 WAC Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
Chapter 246-881 WAC Prescription Drug Price Advertising
Chapter 246-883 WAC Sales Requiring Prescriptions
Chapter 246-885 WAC Identification, Imprints, Markings, and Labeling of Legend Drugs
Chapter 246-886 WAC Animal Control-Legend Drugs and Controlled Substances
Chapter 246-887 WAC Regulations Implementing the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
Chapter 246-888 WAC Medication Assistance
Chapter 246-889 WAC Pharmaceutical - Precursor Substance
Chapter 246-891 WAC Pharmacy - Prophylactics
Chapter 246-895 WAC Pharmacy - Good Manufacturing Practices to Finished Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 246-897 WAC Pharmacy - Drug Availability
Chapter 246-899 WAC Pharmaceutical - Drug Product Substitution
Chapter 246-901 WAC Ancillary Personnel
Chapter 246-903 WAC Nuclear Pharmacies and Pharmacists
Chapter 246-904 WAC Health Care Entities
Chapter 246-905 WAC Kidney Dialysis Program
Chapter 246-907 WAC License Periods and Fees
Chapter 246-978 WAC Death With Dignity Act Requirements

Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Specific RCWs

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