State disciplines health care providers

For immediate release: June 30, 2022   (22-097)

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OLYMPIA -- The Washington State Department of Health has taken disciplinary actions or withdrawn charges against the following health care providers in our state.

The department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with boards, commissions, and advisory committees to set licensing standards for more than 80 health care professions (e.g., dentists, nurses, counselors). Information about disciplinary action taken against medical doctors and physician assistants can be found on the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) website. Questions about WMC disciplinary actions can be sent to

Information about health care providers is on the agency website. Click on “Look up a health care provider license” in the “How Do I?” section of the Department of Health website ( The site includes information about a health care provider’s license status, the expiration and renewal date of their credential, disciplinary actions and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available by calling 360-236-4700. Consumers who think a health care provider acted unprofessionally are encouraged to call and report their complaint.

Clallam County

In May 2022 the Agency Affiliated Counselor Program and the Substance Use Disorder Professional Program charged agency affiliated counselor and substance use disorder professional trainee Daniel Thomas Clemons (CG61163703, CO61198606) with unprofessional conduct. Charges state that Clemons told a minor client how attractive she was and that Clemons failed to keep accurate records.

King County

In May 2022 the secretary of health granted with conditions the substance use disorder professional trainee license of Tara M. Vadney (CO61264081). Vadney agreed to the conditions, which include probation for four years, professional supervision, and quarterly performance evaluations. In 2021, Vadney pled guilty to possession for sale of a criminal substance in California. In 2018, she was convicted of criminal trespass in King County Superior Court.

In May 2022 the Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Program charged acupuncturist Adam Lee Gardner (AC60756013) with unprofessional conduct. Gardner allegedly touched a patient’s genitals, breasts, and pulled the patient’s blanket and underwear down without consent.

In May 2022 the Marriage and Family Therapy Program charged marriage and family therapist Linda Lee Hanby (LF60256554) with unprofessional conduct. While providing reunification services to the father of a teenager, Hanby allegedly threatened the teenager’s mother saying she could go to jail or face monetary sanctions if she didn’t force her daughter to participate in reunification efforts. She also allegedly encouraged the mother to lie to the teenager, causing distress that could have caused injury or a risk of harm to the teenager.

In May 2022 the Pharmacy Commission charged pharmacy assistant Torben Suhr Heinecke (VB60860433, VA60986270) with unprofessional conduct. Heinecke allegedly diverted morphine, oxycodone, and clonazepam from his employer’s hospital.

Pierce County

In May 2022 the Unlicensed Practice Program notified Aneka Montello of its intent to issue a cease-and-desist order. Montello allegedly advertised in a way that led people to believe she was a licensed and trained veterinary technician, but she has never held that credential in Washington.

Snohomish County

In May 2022 the secretary of health ordered Katie Rafter to stop engaging in medicine and veterinary medicine without a license and pay a $2,000 fine. Between December 2020 and March 2021, Rafter advertised rehabilitation services, massage, and cold laser treatment for equines, canines, and people.

In May 2022 the Massage Therapist Program charged massage therapist Kelly A. Robison (MA60338577) with unprofessional conduct for practicing below the standard of care and committing sexual misconduct while performing a massage. Robison allegedly removed a patient’s draping and clothing without consent. He also allegedly placed his mouth on the patient’s genitals and attempted to place his penis in the patient’s mouth.

In May 2022 the Board of Physical Therapy charged physical therapist Heather E. Sheppard (PT00009643) with unprofessional conduct. Sheppard allegedly billed for physical therapy home visits for a patient when he was in the hospital. She is also charged with billing for treatment of the patient’s wife but did not have authorization from a medical provider or the home health agency to treat her.

Spokane County

In May 2022 the Massage Therapist Program charged massage therapist Dan Guo (MA60322250) with unprofessional conduct. Two audits of Guo’s practice allegedly showed health, safety, recordkeeping, and advertising violations.

In May 2022 the secretary of health granted with conditions an agency affiliated counselor license to John Herlin Tollefson (CG61192082). Tollefson’s license will be on probation for two years. Also, he must have a professional supervise his practice and submit quarterly performance evaluations. In 2019, Tollefson was convicted of rendering criminal assistance in Spokane County Superior Court.

Yakima County

In May 2022 the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery charged osteopathic physician and surgeon and former Pacific Northwest University professor Larry Sherman Lefors (OP00000767) with unprofessional conduct for sexually inappropriate behavior and comments toward students. Lefors allegedly stroked a student’s leg, pressed his body against a student’s backside, and commented on students’ breast size, among other things.

Out of State

Minnesota: In May 2022 the Dental Commission charged dentist Michael C. Johnson (GA60673242, DE60642383) with unprofessional conduct. Johnson allegedly improperly placed an implant, mistakenly extracted teeth but failed to immediately notify the patient’s guardians, and severed a patient’s nerve, among other issues.

Note to Editors: Health care providers charged with unprofessional conduct have 20 days to respond to the Department of Health in writing. The case then enters the settlement process. If no disciplinary agreement can be reached, the case will go to a hearing.

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