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For immediate release: December 1, 2022   (22-177)

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OLYMPIA -- The Washington State Department of Health has taken disciplinary actions or withdrawn charges against the following health care providers in our state.

The department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with boards, commissions, and advisory committees to set licensing standards for more than 80 health care professions (e.g., dentists, nurses, counselors). Information about disciplinary action taken against medical doctors and physician assistants can be found on the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) website. Questions about WMC disciplinary actions can be sent to

Information about health care providers is on the agency website. Click on “Look up a health care provider license” in the “How Do I?” section of the Department of Health website ( The site includes information about a health care provider’s license status, the expiration and renewal date of their credential, disciplinary actions and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available by calling 360-236-4700. Consumers who think a health care provider acted unprofessionally are encouraged to call and report their complaint.

Clallam County

In October 2022 the secretary of health ended probation on the substance use disorder professional trainee credential of Sandra Dawn Allen (CO61069778).

Clark County

In October 2022 the secretary of health ordered Tim Matlock to stop engaging in massage therapy in Washington state. He does not hold a credential to practice as a massage therapist and never has in Washington.

King County

In October 2022 the Certified Counselor Program charged certified counselor Samuel Conrad Zeiler (CL60168241) with unprofessional conduct. Zeiler allegedly practiced beyond the scope of his license, particularly in relation to a client he treated in 268 visits over four years and charged for nutritional supplements he sold. During the time he treated that client, he was under a stipulated agreement that barred him from diagnosing nutritional or medical needs or other diagnoses with counseling clients.

In October 2022 the secretary of health ordered Paulmichael Rowland (LP61009879) to stop engaging in nursing in Washington. He is not licensed as a nurse.

In October 2022 the Dental Commission charged dentist Anthony James Spinelli (DE60448647) with unprofessional conduct for treatment that fell below the standard of care. For one client, Spinelli allegedly did not take notes, monitor the patient’s sedation, properly prepare for removing teeth, and left a portion of the tooth in the client’s mouth, among other issues.

In September 2022 the Nursing Commission reinstated with conditions the registered nurse license of Amanda Gayle Dryer (RN60091443). Dryer agreed to continue to comply with a substance use monitoring program.

Okanogan County

In September 2022 the Chiropractic Commission and John Herbert Hammer (CH00003140) agreed to his chiropractic credential being placed on probation for at least 12 months. The Commission may audit records during the probation and Hammer must complete continuing education in recordkeeping and billing. Hammer did not keep chart notes and massage therapists in his clinic billed insurance under his credential.

Pend Oreille County

In August 2022 the Dental Commission amended the statement of charges against James Gary Cool (DE00005239, CS10000010), who holds a dentist license with a moderate sedation with parenteral agents permit. Cool allegedly failed to properly treat a patient whose teeth he extracted and did not correctly document the treatment.

Pierce County

In October 2022 the secretary of state reinstated the registered nursing assistant license of Viliami Aho (NA60180080).

In October 2022 the Nursing Assistant Program amended the charges against David O. Clarke-Levy (NC10041523, VA00047141), whose certified nursing assistant license was summarily suspended in May 2021. In August, Clarke-Levy was convicted of unlawfully carrying a weapon capable of producing bodily harm. His pharmacy technician license was summarily suspended in June 2021.

In October 2022 the Medical Assistant Program and medical assistant Sharon Linda Nakazzibwe (CM60967376) agreed to an order that lifts a summary suspension of her credential and requires her to complete eight hours of continuing education in the area of patients’ rights. The Department of Social and Health Services’ Adult Protective Services determined Nakazzibwe neglected a vulnerable adult. She appealed the decision but was placed on the department’s long-term care abuse and neglect registry, prohibiting her from caring for or supervising vulnerable adults.

Snohomish County

In October 2022 the secretary of health granted with conditions a medical assistant-phlebotomist license to Staci April Morrison (PC61313938). Morrison agreed to complete an evaluation with a substance use monitoring program. She was convicted of multiple gross misdemeanor theft charges between 2014 and 2017.

In October 2022 the Massage Therapy program reinstated with conditions the massage therapist license of Mei Hong (MA60230300). Hong agreed to the conditions, which include probation for at least two years.

In October 2022 the department settled an enforcement matter with Vest Seattle LLC, doing business as Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital in Marysville (FS60737147, FS60874194). The department alleged the hospital had exhibited an extensive pattern of failing to properly release voluntary patients upon request in violation of state law and its own policies and procedures. The hospital agreed to waive its right to contest the allegations at a hearing and to instead resolve the matter with an order requiring the hospital to pay a $20,000 fine, retrain their staff, and submit to compliance monitoring inspections by the department over the next three years.

Spokane County

In September 2022 the Pharmacy Commission charged pharmacists assistant and intern Glodi Kingombe Pongo (VB60780264, IR60924702) with unprofessional conduct. Pongo allegedly clocked in and left a pharmacy where he was interning and took snacks and beverages without paying for them. He also allegedly recorded an answer key to an assessment and shared them with classmates, which the university found to be academic dishonesty and placed him on probation.

Whatcom County

In October 2022 the Dental Commission modified its agreed order with dentist Andrew T. Lai (DE00009768). As a result of a 2020 Agreed Order, Lai must pay a $3,000 fine and $10,000 in expenses. Lai will pay $300 a month until the fine and reimbursement are paid.

Out of State

California: In October 2022 the Board of Physical Therapy reinstated the physical therapist license of Jesse F. Lopez (PT00007628).

Texas: In October 2022 the Dental Commission amended charges for the second time against Sam Wise (CS61155979), whose dentist credential expired in September but has an active dentist sedation with parenteral agents permit. Wise allegedly prescribed a controlled substance in 2019 to his wife for sleep apnea, a condition outside the scope of dentistry and he did not document the prescription. Charges also state that in 2021 investigators found that Wise did not maintain sanitary conditions in his practice, improperly storing used and new instruments, among other health violations. In February, he allegedly failed to properly retain or destroy patient records.

Note to Editors: Health care providers charged with unprofessional conduct have 20 days to respond to the Department of Health in writing. The case then enters the settlement process. If no disciplinary agreement can be reached, the case will go to a hearing.

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