Statement from the Department of Health

For immediate release: May 31, 2023   (23-073)

Contact: DOH Communications

Two Daybreak Facilities Operating Without Licenses

OLYMPIA The orders to suspend Daybreak Youth Services’ licenses at locations in Spokane and Brush Prairie are in effect as of 12:01 a.m. May 31. To the Washington State Department of Health’s (DOH) knowledge, Daybreak still has patients at each location, meaning the facilities are operating without licenses. Both license suspension orders were issued Friday, May 26. Daybreak was given four days to submit and execute a plan to move or discharge patients.

The suspensions were issued because Daybreak repeatedly failed to cooperate with DOH investigations into ongoing patient safety concerns, failed to make mandatory reports, and failed to respond appropriately to allegations of staff misconduct, all of which are required by law.  DOH continues to explore all legal options in this matter, and the department always prioritizes patient safety over all other considerations. This decision was made out of concern for patient safety, which is always DOH’s top priority.

DOH is working with other agencies and organizations to ensure all patients have access to safe health care. Parents and guardians should contact their insurance providers for information on coverage status, treatment and facility. Government plans cannot pay for services at unlicensed facilities. DOH acknowledges patients at Daybreak and legal guardians may have questions. DOH is here to help those impacted understand current legal actions and seek care at alternative licensed entities. Parents can call the DOH Office of Customer Service at 360-236-7860 for assistance.

“Daybreak Youth Services has demonstrated continuous disregard for the law,” said Lacy M. Fehrenbach, MPH, Chief of Prevention. “Their refusal to cooperate with DOH investigations into serious allegations, and now their refusal to comply with the lawful suspension orders of two separate health law judges, are evidence Daybreak believes it can operate outside the law. DOH is committed to doing everything possible to protect the safety of all patients in both of those facilities."

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