Thurston County nurse’s licenses suspended due to patient care being below the standard of practice and prescribing concerns

For immediate release: June 28, 2024   (24-077)

Contact: DOH Communications

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Board of Nursing suspended the registered nurse (RN60049829) and advanced registered nurse practitioner (AP60800360-NP) licenses of Percy Lynchard III pending further legal action.

The amended statement of charges alleged that Lynchard’s patient care falls below the standard of care with respect to prescribing of controlled substances, off-label prescribing of medications, and failure to consult with specialists when indicated, among other concerns.

Lynchard cannot work as a registered nurse or advanced registered nurse practitioner in Washington pending further legal action. Lynchard has 20 days to contest the suspension and respond to the charges.

The legal documents on this case can be seen online by clicking the link on Provider Credential Search on the Department of Health website; copies can be requested by calling 360-236-4700. Anyone who believes a health care provider acted unprofessionally is encouraged to call this number and report their complaint.

The Washington State Board of Nursing protects public health and safety in Washington by regulation of nursing practice. The board establishes, monitors, and enforces qualifications for licensing, consistent standards of practice, continuing competency, and discipline.

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