EPA National Estuary Program Grants for Puget Sound

The National Estuary Program (NEP) is a place-based initiative to protect and restore the water quality and ecological integrity of estuaries of national significance. Under NEP, the Puget Sound Action Agenda is the regions federally approved Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan. The Puget Sound Geographic Funds (commonly called NEP funds) are authorized by Congress and awarded by the US EPA. As both a Strategic Initiative Lead and Lead Organization, the Department of Health helps implement priority work of the Action Agenda.

We are currently managing two separate EPA grants which address pollution issues in Puget Sound.

Pathogen Prevention, Reduction, and Control

Pathogen Prevention, Reduction, and Control - This six-year grant focuses on preventing and reducing pathogen pollution in Puget Sound from human and animal wastes. There are several projects under this grant:

Shellfish Strategic Initiative

This five-year grant focuses on efforts to protect and restore shellfish beds. The Shellfish Strategic Initiative is one of three initiatives (along with Habitat and Stormwater) that frame the Puget Sound Action Agenda. The Department of Health serves as the lead for the initiative in partnership with the Washington Departments of Ecology and Agriculture. In this role we also facilitate a 14 member Advisory Team.

The Shellfish Initiative is unique in that a specific target has been established: a net increase of 10,800 acres of harvestable shellfish bed acres between 2007 and 2020, including 7,000 acres where harvest had been prohibited. This target aligns with Results Washington priorities.

For more information contact: Clara Hard, Shellfish Strategic Initiative Lead.