Chancroid in Washington State

During the past 10 years, a total of five chancroid cases have been reported to Department of Health.

Purpose of Reporting and Surveillance

  • To assess trends in epidemic patterns, understand the impact of the burden of disease on populations, the health care infrastructure,
  • and to better target population-level disease prevention efforts
  • To assure the adequate treatment of infected individuals in order to reduce the duration of infectiousness and prevent sequelae of infection
  • To identify cases in a timely fashion in order to interrupt the chain of infection through patient-level interventions such as management of sexual contacts and behavioral risk reduction counseling

Legal Reporting Requirements

  • Health care providers: notifiable to local health jurisdiction within 3 work days

  • Hospitals: notifiable to local health jurisdiction within 3 work days

  • Laboratories: no requirements for reporting

  • Local health jurisdictions: notify the Washington State Department of Health STD Services Section within 7 days of case investigation completion; summary information required within 21 days for all reported cases