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2021 Immunize Washington Awards

The Health Plan Partnership, a cooperative alliance of the Department of Health (DOH), Health Care Authority, Governor Jay Inslee, and all the major health plans in Washington, is proud to announce the 2021 Immunize Washington Provider Recognition Awards. Check out the 2021 Immunize Washington Awardee list below.

About the Immunize Washington Awards

2021 marks the seventh year the Health Plan Partnership has hosted the Immunize Washington Awards. This program recognizes clinics that reach immunization rates of 70% or higher in child and adolescent patient populations.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, clinics were required to nominate themselves using an IIS data report and survey. This year we will not require nominations for the 2021 awards. DOH will nominate all providers that meet the gold, silver, and bronze award levels. All nominees achieving immunization rates of 70% or higher qualify for an award.

Check out the 2021 Immunize Washington awardee list (PDF).

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What is Immunize Washington?

Immunize Washington is a partnership between public health, health plans and other organizations that aims to:

  • Increase immunization rates at the clinic level by using best practice tools and the Washington State Immunization Information System (IIS).
  • Encourage clinics to measure their immunization rates so they know where they are doing well and areas to improve.
  • Jointly develop and sponsor a provider immunization recognition program.
  • Help Washington meet national goals for child and teen vaccines.

Immunize Washington Awardees

Tools to Improve Immunization Rates


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Need Help or Have Questions?

Contact the Washington State Department of Health's Office of Immunization and Child Profile.