Become a Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

Some countries require specific travel immunizations, like yellow fever, for out-of-country visitors. Yellow fever vaccine can only be given at registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers.

The Office of Immunization processes the request for a yellow fever vaccine stamp from licensed providers who have prescriptive authority.

Certification Process

If you wish to order and administer the Yellow Fever vaccine, follow the process below to become a certified provider:

  1. Complete the Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider Application (PDF). If you have questions or want to submit your application, email
  2. The Coordinator will verify that your professional license is up to date
  3. If you are a licensed pharmacist, please also submit a copy of your facilities current Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreement (CDTA) that lists out travel vaccines and/or yellow fever specifically. This CDTA is good for 2 years and needs to be filed with Once the CDTA has been verified, the Coordinator will process your application to become a certified yellow fever provider.
  4. After your request is approved, a yellow fever vaccination certification package, with instructions on how to order the official stamp will be sent to you.
  5. The Coordinator will contact the vaccine manufacturer to let them know you are approved and certified to order and administer the Yellow Fever vaccine.
  6. The Coordinator will update the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Yellow Fever National Registry.

Please note the entire process for Yellow Fever Certification, from submission of the application to the delivery of the stamp, can take up to 4 weeks.

Yellow Fever Stamps need to be renewed every 3 years