Phases and Steps of the Emergency Risk Communications Process

Overview of the things to consider before, during and after emergency events.

Pre-Event Activities

  1. Conduct a needs assessment for crisis and emergency risk communication.

  2. Develop a crisis/emergency risk communication plan.

  3. Evaluate channels to use for public communications.

  4. Determine the functions needed to carry out the plan.

  5. Determine the resources needed to carry out the plan.

  6. Prepare team to carry out the plan.

  7. Prepare fact sheets, talking points and press releases ahead of time that you can quickly alter.

Event Steps

  1. Verify situation.

  2. Conduct notifications.

  3. Assess level of crisis.

  4. Organize assignments.

  5. Prepare information and obtain approvals.

  6. Release information to public.

  7. Monitor, maintain, and make adjustments for the remaining life of the crisis.

Post-Event Activities

  1. Provide for the well-being and recovery of the communication team.

  2. Conduct public education.

  3. Monitor messages and events (media, public, partner, stakeholders).

  4. Debrief response team (early).

  5. Review data on messages, delivery, and effects.

  6. Compile and analyze comprehensive set of data.

  7. Develop results/lessons learned and report measures of success.

  8. Establish a new state of readiness and implement ERC plan changes.