Community Health Worker Program

Community Health Workers (CHWs) play a critical role in the health of their communities, linking diverse and underserved populations to health and social service systems. Based on their life experiences and roles as health influencers within their communities, CHWs work to reduce social and racial disparities in health care. CHWs can improve health outcomes and the quality of care while achieving significant cost savings.

    CHW Leadership Committee

    The Community Health Worker (CHW) Leadership Committee is an ongoing, statewide, multi-stakeholder group representative of Washington State and our diverse communities. Most members are Community Health Workers (CHWs) and representatives of several CHW networks across Washington state. The CHW Leadership Committee also includes government agencies, health care systems, nonprofits, community colleges, and statewide associations. It builds on the 2018-2019 CHW Task Force recommendation to develop infrastructure within the CHW workforce.

    The role of the CHW Leadership Committee is to:

    • Develop key priorities and guidance to inform education, training, and other aspects of the CHW workforce
    • Guide the implementation of the 2018-2019 CHW Task Force recommendations
    • Inform the CHW role in COVID-19 response and equitable recovery

    In the spring of 2021, Washington State Department of Health (DOH) supported the creation of a Recruitment and Selection Committee.

    This Committee included CHWs and sector representatives selected through an application process. This Committee developed the criteria and process for selecting CHW Leadership Committee members. The first CHW Leadership Committee meeting was held in October 2021, and the group continues to meet monthly.

     CHW Leadership Committee Members at a meeting in June 2023
    CHW Leadership Committee Members at a meeting in June 2023

    CHW Training Program

    We offer a no-cost 10-week core competency training program designed to strengthen the skills, knowledge, and abilities of community health workers. This training is offered quarterly online.

    Register for the CHW Training Program

    Anyone who completes the core competency program can enroll in FREE Continuing Education Health Specific Modules (HSMs). Graduates may register for 3 courses per quarter. See the HSM training schedule (PDF) for details.

    CHW Task Force

    Get Involved With CHWs Across Our State

    Washington’s CHW community is growing! There are now several local CHW networks across our state as well as statewide and national associations.

    Local CHW Networks

    Statewide and National CHW Networks


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