Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes Prevention Unit


We promote social, environmental, policy, and systems approaches at state and community levels to reduce the burden of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes among all Washington residents, especially those who are disproportionately impacted.

Program priorities

  • Increase access to safe and affordable active living where people work, learn, live, play, and worship across their lifespan
  • Enhance care coordination for people with chronic diseases and mental illness
  • Improve access and affordability to healthy foods in all communities within Washington State
  • Support the Plan for a Healthier Washington's investment in analytics, interoperability, and measurement
  • Increase and support stakeholder involvement in policy-making that pertains to diabetes or cardiovascular health

Heart disease- and stroke-related priorities

  • Promote cardiovascular awareness, health and education
  • Support evidence-based practices for quality heart disease and stroke care

Diabetes-related priorities

  • Ensure all appropriate populations have access to the Diabetes Prevention Program in Washington
  • Ensure all people with diabetes receive self-management education from a Diabetes Education Program
  • Ensure people with diabetes and gum disease have access to guideline-based oral health treatment
  • Ensure all appropriate populations have access to Chronic Disease Self-Management Education programs in Washington
  • Ensure involvement of Community Health Workers to address diabetes in populations with the greatest needs

Data and Publications

Visit our data and publications page for reports and educational resources about heart disease, stroke, and diabetes in Washington State.

Contact Us

Email: diabetes@doh.wa.gov

Mailing Address:
Heart Disease Stroke and Diabetes Prevention Unit
Washington State Department of Health
PO Box 47855
Olympia, WA 98504