Common Sources of Lead: Remodeling and Painting

Parents and Remodelers, Take Note!

It's very important to use extreme caution before attempting to renovate, repair, or repaint old painted surfaces in homes with lead-based paint. Incredibly small amounts of lead dust can create health risks, especially for young children.

Homeowners can make the hazard worse if they try to remove old lead-based paint without applying lead-safe work practices. Unsafe remodeling and removal of old paint, such as pressure washing or sanding, may contaminate the home with lead dust. This is one of the major causes of lead poisoning in Washington State.

Renovating with Lead-Based Paint Hazards

To deal with lead hazards, you must hire a certified lead renovation contractor – see Department of Commerce's RRP Certified List.

The other option is to learn how to recognize lead-based paint hazards and work safely with them in your own home – see EPA's Renovation Do-It-Yourselfers.

Certification to Perform Lead Renovation Activities

Individuals, companies, property managers, and others who receive compensation to perform renovations, repairs, and painting must be certified by the Department of Commerce Lead-Based Paint Program and follow Chapter 365-230 WAC.

Washington State Certified Lead-Based Paint Firms

The Department of Commerce publishes a list of firms certified to perform lead-based paint activities in the state of Washington – see their RRP Certified List. Only currently certified firms who have requested placement on the list are included.

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