Food Truck Distance to Employee Restroom Rule Revision

Affected and Interested Parties

Food Truck Owners and Employees Washington State Food Truck Association, Washington Hospitality Association, Washington Food Industry Association, local health jurisdictions, and other interested parties.

Adopted Rule Summary

The State Board of Health adopted the proposed rule that increases the maximum distance to the employee restroom for mobile food units from within 200 feet to within 500 feet during all times of operation when the mobile food unit is at any one location for more than one hour. The State Board of Health determined the adopted rule benefits the mobile food truck industry by allowing food service in additional locations. The revised rule will still require restroom and handwashing facilities to be readily accessible so the practice of using the restroom and handwashing will not be impacted.

Rule Development Timeline

A CR-103 was filed on November 13, 2018 as WSR# 18-23-021.

The rule is effective on January 1, 2019.

CR-103 Adopted Rule Language (PDF)

For More Information

Peter Beaton, Rules Coordinator, 360-236-4031

Susan Shelton, Food Safety Program, 509-212-1206