Quality Assurance Task Force (QATF)

A task force established to improve environmental radiation monitoring programs used by various organizations to determine the presence and significance of radiation in the environment. QATF members are professionals who work in the field of radiation research, licensing and industry.

Goals, Tasks, and Membership

  • Verify adequacy and accuracy of environmental radiation monitoring programs and data which relate to the state of Washington. Primary emphasis is to be placed on programs conducted by the federal government and its installations in Washington and by radioactive materials licensees at their installations. Where compatibility does not exist in environmental monitoring programs, agreement (consensus) among Task Force members will be sought to arrive at acceptable methodologies.
  • Coordinate the sampling, analyses, and reporting of data from these programs.
  • Achieve economical use of resources directed to these programs.
  • Enhance and maintain credibility of results obtained by the programs.
  • Disseminate information developed by the Task Force to the community of environmental scientists through symposiums, technical journals, etc.
  • Encourage and foster exchange of public information.

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