Radioactive Consumer Products

The Department of Health tested products advertised as energy pendants and cards for radioactive materials. We found unacceptable levels of radioactive material in some of the products tested. Although being exposed to these items for short periods of time do not pose an immediate health threat, we want to make sure people are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

The items are advertised as having negative ion technology, quantum scalar energy, volcanic lava energy, and quantum science. Items include pendants, wristbands, kinesiology tape, and other personal items. They are advertised as a way to maintain health, balance energy, and improve emotional well-being. Some also claim to protect people and pets from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Some items use minerals like thorium and uranium, which are both radioactive and chemically toxic. Even though these minerals are naturally occurring and found in most parts of the world, the radioactivity becomes more concentrated when made into these products. Some items have very low levels of radioactivity and others have levels that would require a radioactive materials license in Washington State.

We are working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Organization of Agreement States (OAS) to address health and safety effects of using these materials in consumer products.

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