Handheld XRF Analyzers

In recent years the exciting technology of the handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer has been developed. These battery operated units are being used for metal/alloy analysis, scrap metal sorting, toy lead testing, precious metals analysis, surface coatings, etc.

When used properly these units are very safe. Use common sense while operatoring the units.

  • Never hand hold the sample being analyzed.
  • Do not point units at co-workers!
  • The built-in interlocks are for your protection. Do not try to defeat them.

Our regulations require:

  • The unit operating instruction guide must be available for users.
  • All users must be trained in proper handling and safe operation of these units. Documentation is required. These records must be available for review.
  • These devices are X-ray sources and they must be registered by our department. See X-Ray Equipment Registration for information regarding registration.

Not required:

  • Radiation monitoring badges are not required.
  • Utilization logs are not required.

For more information about criteria established by the Washington State Department of Health, view Chapter 246-228 WAC Radiation Protection — Analytical X-Ray Equipment.

Purchasing equipment from websites

Certain handheld X-ray systems are available for sale on websites that are not authorized for distribution by the manufacturer.

The NOMAD Pro 2 GBL and NOMAD Pro 2 GBL BLK are not intended for use in the United States. These products are tested to comply with safety and electrical standards, but are not cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to be sold in the United States. These units should not be purchased or used in Washington, and cannot be registered for use in dental offices.

Approved for use are the NOMAD, NOMAD Pro, NOMAD Pro 2 or KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 Handheld X-ray Systems.

We recommend purchasing X-ray systems from U.S. dealers, authorized by the manufacturer. Please refer to the manufacturer website for more information on NOMAD Handheld X-ray systems.