Child Care and Preschool Immunization Reporting

Schools, preschools, and child cares must complete and file an immunization status report to the Department of Health by November 1 of each year. WAC 246-105-060.

For the 2021-22 school year reporting will be due December 1, 2021.

Do not report on children in child care who are attending kindergarten through 12th grades. The immunization status of these children will be reported by their public or private school. Instructions for kindergarten through 12th grade reporting are available at Public and Private K-12 Schools Immunization Reporting.

How to Report for Preschool and Child Care

  1. Review the Child Care-Preschool Immunization Report Training (PDF).
  2. Use the Child Care-Preschool Annual Report Worksheet (PDF) to gather the information you need for the report.
  3. Open the Survey and enter your report.

We will also be sending information about this year's report via our Listserv. To sign up for updates about the immunization requirements and reporting, enter your email, click the submit button, and select the preschool/child care option from the immunization choices given.

Questions or Need Further Assistance?

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