Safe Routes to School

Walking and biking can be fun for kids especially if they can join their friends on the way to school. There are lots of reasons to walk or bike to school - less traffic, safer streets, and cleaner air. The best reason is that it is a great way for kids and parents to be active.

More kids in Washington State are walking and biking to school as schools and communities build new sidewalks and safer pedestrian crossings, and educate kids on safe walking and biking behaviors. Advocacy groups and public partners, including the Washington State Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Commission, and Washington State Department of Health, are working together to create new grant programs and provide support to schools and communities initiating Safe Routes to School programs.

To be effective, Safe Routes to School programs should include:

  • Engineering “fixes” such as sidewalks, street safety and design improvements.
  • Education to encourage kids to be active by walking and biking.
  • Enforcement to improve traffic safety around schools.
  • Community health initiatives to link parents and kids with community efforts that make it easier for them to live a healthy life.

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