Resources for BRFSS Results

If you are looking for analyzed BRFSS results, that is, population estimates for measures such as obesity rates at the county or state level, or smoking rates by age group, you may be able to find the information in web-based reports and indicators, in published journal articles, or through the health department at the state or local level.

Resources used with BRFSS data published by the Washington State Department of Health

Resources available from Local Health Jurisdictions

Public Health “CHIP” reports, by county: Many Local Health Jurisdictions have published “Community Health Improvement Plans” as a result of the 2012 legislative bill ESHB 2341. Visit our Community Health Assessment and Improvement page for information on how health data is used by communities and partners to help their residents.

Request for custom analyses

County-specific information

For county-level information requests, it is generally best to consult the Community Health Assessment Coordinator at the Local Health Jurisdiction for that county. Many Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJ) have produced public reports and indicators using BRFSS data. Visit the LHJ webpages for the county data of interest to you.

State-level and stratified information

If the information sought is not available through the above resources, try searching topic-specific (e.g., Asthma, Diabetes) pages for program reports. In addition, you may submit an information requests to the Department of Health. Epidemiologists at the department will work with you to assess the complexity of the request and determine next steps.

You may initiate an information request at the Department through a number of routes. One way is to email your information needs to: . Be sure to indicate that you are requesting analyzed estimates, NOT a dataset. Provide as much information about your request as possible so that we can direct your request to the appropriate staff.

Please note

While the department strives to respond to all information requests in a timely manner, limited resources may affect our ability to perform custom analyses or provide results in your desired time frame. The complexity of the analysis can also affect the time frame needed to produce custom estimates. The more lead time you allow, the more likely the department will be able to fulfill your request on time.