Maternal and Child Health Data Reports

Notice: Maternal and Child Health Assessment published this report as a single document in April 2006. In 2009, we began updating chapters on a rotating basis. The date of the most recent update is listed next to each section.


The Maternal and Child Health Data Report is a resource primarily for public health professionals on the health status of pregnant women, infants, children and adolescents in Washington State. The Health Resources and Services Administration, the federal granting agency for the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, requires annual reporting of a number of health measures. These performances measures track the health status of the maternal and child health population (see Appendices B and C). This report attempts to put these measures into broader context and to use this information to develop and evaluate programs and policies. Chapters are designed to be used individually as fact sheets or together. Chapters will be updated periodically as new data is available.

The initial chapter, titled "Population Tables (PDF)," contains county-specific population information as well as trend tables of pregnancy outcomes and infant and child mortality. Other chapters focus on topics relevant to the Maternal and Child Health population. The chapters rely on graphs and charts to provide a snapshot of the Washington State population. Each chapter describes the Maternal and Child Health population overall and by county, age, gender, race and ethnicity. We include Medicaid status where available.

We also include some maps of perinatal services and health provider shortage areas, and three Appendices. Appendix A includes technical notes on the data sources used, analytic definitions and statistical information. Appendices B and C include information on the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant priorities as well as the required performance and outcome measures.

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Population Data

Health Outcomes and Health Behaviors (Chapters)