Resources for Long-Term Care Facilities

Washington State Department of Health

Call: 360-236-3595 (main) or 1-866-397-0337 (toll free)
  • For Adults
  • Flu Check this website often during flu season for regular flu updates, links to the most current flu Vaccine Information Statements, flu screening tools, and more.

Provider WAIIS Resources

From fall 2022/2023

    Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

    Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA)

    Immunization Action Coalition of Washington | Immunity Community

    Call: 206-284-5168

    Healthcare Worker Immunization Tools

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Call: 1-800-CDC-INFO (toll free)
    Flu Information
    • Seasonal Influenza (Flu). Visit this site for information on flu, vaccine recommendations, educational materials, and infection control guidelines.
    National Immunization Program
    Pneumococcal Information