Standards for Adult Immunization Practice

What are the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice?

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) calls on ALL healthcare professionals – whether they provide vaccinations or not – to take steps to help ensure that their adult patients are fully immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Please review the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

How do I ensure my adult patients are fully immunized?

Use this memory aid to help you keep adult patients up to date on their vaccinations.

Adults Require Really Amazing Doctors!

Adults – Assess

  • Assess the immunization status of all your patients at every clinical encounter.

Require – Recommend

  • Strongly recommend vaccines that your patients need.

Really Amazing – Administer or Refer

  • Administer needed vaccines or refer your patient to a pharmacy or other vaccination provider.

Doctors! – Document

  • Document all vaccines received by your patients.

What tools are available to help me improve my immunization rates?

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