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Social Media Commenting Policy

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Social Media Commenting Policy

The Washington State Department of Health welcomes your comments and encourages polite and productive conversation. Your comments are visible to the public and subject to public record disclosure laws.

We do not approve, endorse or verify the scientific accuracy of comments posted by our followers. We do not discriminate against any views, but reserve the right to remove comments, without notification, that:

  • Identify personal information including, but not limited to: medical information, email addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, or identification numbers.
  • Contain violent or obscene language.
  • Contain solicitations or advertisements.
  • Promote or oppose any political candidate or ballot initiative.
  • Encourage or suggest illegal activity.
  • Violate trademarks or copyrights.
  • Are repetitive posts that are copied and pasted.

Our Facebook filter is set to ‘strong.' Comments that violate Facebook's Community Standards may be automatically removed or hidden by Facebook.

Comments on social media do not take the place of any official notifications or public comments to Department of Health.

If you have questions or comments about this policy, please email