Programs and Services Contacts

Program Name Phone Email
Asthma   email
Autism and Developmental Screening 360-236-3572 email
BEACH Program 360-480-4868   
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems (BRFSS) 360-236-4300
Birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates 360-236-4300 email
Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health 888-438-2247 email
Cancer Registry 360-236-3685  
Center for Health Statistics 360-236-4300  
Charity Care from Hospitals 360-236-4210 email
Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System (CHARS) 360-236-4300 email
Watch Me Grow Washington 360-236-4171 email
Children with Special Health Care Needs 360-236-3504 email
Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup 360-236-3385 email
Communicable Disease Epidemiology 206-418-5500 email
Center for Communications 360-236-4501 email
Community Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) 360-236-4175 email
Comprehensive Cancer 360-236-3645 email
Death with Dignity 360-236-4306 email
Diabetes Prevention 360-236-3770 email
Drinking Water - General
Drinking Water Operator Certification
Early Hearing - Loss Detection Diagnosis and Intervention 206-418-5613 email
EMS & Trauma System 360-236-4700 email
Environmental Health Assessments 360-236-3385 email
Environmental Justice/ HEAL Act   email
Environmental Justice and Climate Change Grants   email
Farmers Market Nutrition Program 1-800-841-1410 extension 2, select 2 email
Fish Consumption Advisories 360-236-3176 email
Food Safety 360-236-3330 email
Food Worker Cards and Restaurant Complaints Local Health Food Safety Contacts  
Genetics 253-395-6742 email
Health Data 360-236-4300 email
Healthcare Associated Infections and Antibiotic Resistance (HAIAR) 206-418-5500 email
Healthcare Provider Licensing 360-236-4700 email
Healthy Communities 360-236-3678 email
Healthy Eating Active Living 360-236-3754  
Healthy Worksites 360-236-3754 email
Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention 360-236-3770 email
Hepatitis 360-236-3498 email
HIV Care 360-236-3426
HIV Prevention 360-236-3444 email
HIV Data 360-236-3455 email
Immunizations 360-236-3595 email
Indoor Air Quality 360-236-3330 email
Infectious Disease Prevention 1-800-272-2437  
Injury and Violence Prevention 360-236-2800  
Lead Poisoning Prevention 800-909-9898 email
Legionella Response Program 360-236-3385  
Medical Commission 360-236-2750 email
Mold Information Line 360-236-3090  
Newborn Screening 206-418-5410 email
Notifiable Conditions 206-418-5500 email
Oral Health 360-236-3524 email
Partnerships, Planning and Performance, Office of 360-236-4062  
Pesticides 877-485-7316 email
Policy, Legislative and Constituent Relations 360-236-4042  
Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 1-877-867-7267  email
Prescription Monitoring Program 360-236-4806 email
Prevention and Community Health 360-236-3723  
Public Health Laboratories 206-418-5400  
Radiation Protection 360-236-3300 email
Radon Program 360-236-3200 email
Refugee and Immigrant Health Program 206-418-5500 email
Rural Health Program 360-236-2800 email
School Environmental Health 360-236-3330 email
Sewage 360-236-3330 email
Sexual and Reproductive Health 360-236-3401 email
Sexually Transmitted Disease 360-236-3444 email
Shellfish Program
Recorded Biotoxin "Red Tide" Hotline
Site Assessment Health Consultations 360-236-3385 email
State Board of Nursing 360-236-4703 email
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education 360-236-3494 email
Cannabis and Commercial Tobacco Prevention 360-236-3715
Commercial Tobacco Cessation 360-236-3715 email
Temporary Worker and Migrant Farmworker Housing 360-236-3393 email
Transient Accommodations (Hotels, Motels) 360-236-3393 email
Tuberculosis 206-418-5500 email
Universal Developmental Screening (UDS) 833-887-0195 email
Vaccine Management 360-236-3611 email
Washington Tracking Network   email
Wastewater-Based Epidemiology 360-236-3385 email
Wastewater Management 360-236-3330 email
Water Recreation, Pools 360-236-3330 email
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition 800-841-1410 email
X-Ray Program 360-236-3230 email
Zoonotic Disease 206-418-5500 email