Numeric Need Methodologies

Last revised date: June 14, 2022

The Certificate of Need (CN) program is a regulatory process that requires certain healthcare providers to obtain state approval before building certain types of facilities or offering new or expanded services. Program staff members are available to provide technical assistance to you before submitting your application. Staff members are also available to help you determine if a Certificate of Need is necessary.

Certificate of Need determines need according to factors that are variable in relation to the proposed services.

Standards are outlined in the links below

Need Methodologies

Hospital/acute care

Adult elective percutaneous coronary interventions

  • 2021-2022 percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) need forecast (PDF) For comparison, two different runs of the methodology were produced. One using Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program (COAP) data. The other, using Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System (CHARS) data and department outpatient survey results. These data sources are identified in WAC 246-310-745(7).


Nursing homes

End-stage renal disease (ESRD)

Operational Station Report

End-stage Renal Disease Service Area Methodologies and Timeline Modifications

Approved timeline modification requests and decisions may be requested by contacting the Certificate of Need Program. Counties below with an asterisk have timeline modifications that may impact whether the department can approve new in-center dialysis stations.

Superiority information can be found on our Certificate of Need, Reports and Guidelines webpage.

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