Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of continuing education do I need to renew my dental anesthesia assistant certification?

Fourteen hours every three years. Twelve hours of continuing education must involve direct application of dental anesthesia assistant knowledge and skills in identified categories in WAC 246-817-445. Two hours of approved health equity continuing education training must be completed every three years.

Where can I find approved health equity continuing education trainings?

The Department of Health has a list of free and paid trainings on our Health Equity Continuing Education webpage.  

Do I need to send copies of certificates of completion?

No. You must sign an affidavit of compliance every third year. You'll find the affidavit on the back of your annual renewal notice.

How long do I have to keep continuing education documentation?

You must keep your records for four years as outlined in WAC 246-12-200.

May I count continuing education hours I accumulate for other sources, (i.e. national certification, etc.) toward this requirement?


How many continuing education hours may I obtain online or through self-study?
  • If the form of self-study is through multimedia devices, the required documentation is a letter or other documentation from the organization. A maximum of two hours is allowed per reporting period.
  • When using books, research materials, or other publications, the required documentation for this activity is a two-page synopsis of what was learned. The credential holder must write it. A maximum of two hours is allowed per reporting period.
  • Distance learning includes, but is not limited to, correspondence courses; webinar; print; audio/video broadcasting; audio/video teleconferencing; computer aided instruction; e-learning/on-line-learning; or computer broadcasting/webcasting. A maximum of four hours of distance learning is allowed per reporting period (WAC 246-817-445).
May I count continuing education hours from one year in the next year?

No. You may not carry over continuing education in excess of the required hours earned in a reporting period to the next reporting cycle. (WAC 246-12-230)

Does my study club have to be recognized by some entity to be considered acceptable?

No. Study club hours are an acceptable source of continuing education, provided the coursework is designed to involve direct application of dental anesthesia assistant knowledge and skills in one or more of the categories outlined in WAC 246-817-445.

May I get an extension of time to complete my continuing education?

You may be excused from or granted an extension of continuing education requirements due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. Law requires continuing education to renew your certification. Any requests should be made several weeks before your renewal date to prevent delays in processing your certification renewal. Requests must be in writing and sent to the Dental Quality Assurance Commission program manager by email or regular mail. You may not practice without an active certification.

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