Frequently Asked Questions - Continuing Education

What is acceptable continuing education?

Continuing education must be dental-related education for professional development as a dental hygienist per WAC 246-815-140.

What is the required number of continuing education credits per year?

Licensed dental hygienists must complete 15 clock hours of continuing education a year. A current basic life support (BLS) card for health care providers must be maintained as part of this requirement per WAC 246-815-140.

Are certain continuing education courses required each year?

No specific continuing education courses are required yearly (WAC 246-815-140).

How long do I have to keep my documentation of continuing education?

WAC 246-12-200 requires licensees to keep continuing education records for four years.

Is basic life support required every year even though the card says it's good for two years?

Basic life support (BLS) for healthcare providers isn't required to be taken yearly. The rule just says that a current BLS card must be maintained per WAC 246-815-140.

Are there stipulations on the type of continuing education I can get, e.g., online versus lecture?

See WAC 246-815-140 for more information.

If I volunteer in a school setting in a teaching role, does that count as continuing education?

Yes. See WAC 246-815-140 for information on continuing education.

What is the difference between Distance Learning and Self-Study?

There is a limit of 5 hours per year for self-study courses. There is no limit to the number of distance learning hours that may be taken per year. If the course includes an assessment tool upon completion, then the course would be considered distance learning. If there is no assessment tool, then it would be considered self-study. An example of an assessment tool would be a quiz or exam that must be successfully completed in order to receive credit for the course. Please see WAC 246-815-140(2)(c) and (d) for further details.