Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider

Dental Hygienists are required to keep a current BLS for the health care provider card in order to renew their credential. See WAC 246-815-140(2)(b) for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions – Renewals

If my license expired, how do I get it reinstated?

Refer to WAC 246-12-040 - How to return to active status when a credential has expired.

How do I renew my limited dental hygiene license?

The initial limited dental hygiene license is valid for five years. At the end of the five years, the licensee must complete and return the limited license first-time renewal application packet (PDF). The licensees must provide documentation that they have completed the following:

  • Passed an approved Dental Hygiene Patient Eval/Prophy clinical exam
  • Passed an approved local anesthesia course
  • Passed an approved local anesthesia exam
  • Passed an approved nitrous oxide course (no exam for nitrous)

Once renewed, the renewed limited dental hygiene license will expire yearly on the licensee's birth date. Dental hygienists are required to complete 15 clock hours of continuing education (CE) annually. WAC 246-815-140 discusses the requirements and acceptable continuing education.