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Secure Access Washington (SAW)
Login Instructions for New Users

Follow each step to ensure your online renewal is completed successfully.

First-time users must start by creating an account.



Step 1: Get started here.


Step 2: Select “Sign Up!”


Step 3: Enter your personal information, create a password and select “I'm not a robot.” Complete the verification code, select “Verify” then select the “Submit” button.

Note: Consider using your Department of Health Online Renewal User ID as your SAW user ID. Be sure to create a password that meets the specific parameters required by SAW (i.e., must be at least 10 characters; must contain at least three of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals and special characters; doesn't contain your user ID, doesn't contain your full name).


Step 4: Check your email account to activate your new SAW account."


Step 5: To activate your account, please click:


Step 6: Select "LOGIN."


Step 7: Enter the user ID and password you just created. Select "Submit."


Step 8: After logging in, select "Add a New Service."


Step 9: Select the Key icon, enter the "Service code" of "7472" and select "Submit."


Step 10: You'll see the "Service Registration Successful" page. Select "Ok."


Step 11: Select the “DOH HSQA Online Services” link.


Step 12: Select "Continue."


Step 13: You'll be routed to the Department of Health Online Services Welcome Page. (Note: There is a $2.50 convenience fee to renew online.)

Follow each step to ensure you complete your online renewal successfully.
To get started, select "Login" in the upper right corner.


Step 14: Enter your online renewal User ID and Password provided on your renewal notice. Select "Log In."

Note: If you receive an error message stating “The username or password you entered is incorrect,” confirm you entered the information correctly. If you receive the message again, please contact our Customer Service Center at 360-236-4700 for assistance.


Step 15: A: Your credential(s), expiration date(s), and status of your credential(s) should now appear. Credentials eligible for online renewal will show in the middle of the page under “Renewal.”

Note: Expired credentials aren't eligible for online renewal. Contact our Customer Service Center at 360-236-4700 or email us for assistance.


Step 16: Select "Start" to renew a credential.


Step 17: Answer the survey affirmation and select “Next.”

Note: If you need to step away from the computer, you may stop the online renewal process by selecting “Close and Save” at the bottom of the screen. You'll be able to restart the process later, as long as the credential hasn't gone past your expiration date and/or seven days.


Step 18: If you answered “No” to the first question, you will be asked if you want to complete the survey. Answer the affirmation and select “Next”.


Step 19: If you choose to complete the survey, we recommend that you continue your online renewal before completing the survey. Select the tab and continue your online renewal.


Step 20: Answer the renewal affirmation and select “Next."


Step 21: Review fee page. If the information is correct, select "Add to Invoice" to start payment process. Otherwise, select "Previous," correct the information and follow the repeat steps.


Step 22: Review the "Invoice Summary." Select "Pay Invoice."

Note: If you have multiple credentials to renew, select "Create/Continue a Renewal" at the bottom of the page and repeat steps 16 through 21.


Step 23: Choose a method of payment and select "Next." You may pay by either ACH (electronic check) or by a credit card with a VISA or MasterCard logo.

Note: If you choose electronic check, you must also choose either "Personal" or "Business" on "Account Type." With business checks you'll need to provide the BI (tax identification) number for the business for verification purposes.


Step 24: Complete the required information and select “Next.” The billing address must be what your financial institution has on file for verification purposes or the renewal attempt will be unsuccessful. If you receive a “Verification Failed” or “Declined” message while attempting to renew online, please contact us at 360-236-4700 for assistance.

Example of Pay by Check:


Example of Pay by Card:


Step 25: Review your payment information. Select "Pay Now."


Step 26: You'll receive a message that says, "Approved!" You may want to print a receipt for your records by selecting "Print Receipt."

Note: If you have multiple credentials to renew, select "Create/Continue a Renewal at the bottom of the page and repeat steps 25, 26, and 27.


Step 27: Select "Logout" at the top of the screen. Then select "OK" to end your session.