Washington state’s COVID-19 response website to be decommissioned Dec. 1

For immediate release: November 28, 2022   (22-174)

Contact: DOH Communications  

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OLYMPIA – Washington State Department of Health (DOH) will decommission the Washington State Coronavirus Response (COVID-19) website coronavirus.wa.gov on Dec. 1, 2022. As of that date, site visitors will be redirected to the DOH COVID-19 landing page.

This streamlining of online resources reflects the end of the COVID-19 emergency order and a decrease in web traffic on the coronavirus.wa.gov website. As part of the decommissioning, the public health content on the site will move to the DOH website. DOH is also working with partners to transfer pandemic information to other state agency websites where appropriate.

DOH remains committed to supporting all Washington state communities in the fight against COVID-19 and urges everyone to stay up to date on their vaccinations to prevent severe illness. Hospitals are operating at higher-than-usual capacity this winter and it has become even more important to utilize preventive measures to ensure there is space for those with critical health needs.

Everyone six months and older should be vaccinated for influenza and COVID-19 to lower the risk of transmission and serious illness. If you have already been vaccinated against COVID-19, make an appointment now to receive your booster. People ages five years and older who had their last COVID-19 shot at least two months ago can get the updated booster. Influenza and COVID-19 vaccines can be safely administered at the same time. By taking just a few precautions, we can gather with our loved ones safely and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other serious respiratory illnesses throughout the holidays.

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