Printed Materials for Medication Centers

These materials are intended to be customized for your area, agency or situation. Once updated with the specific information, they are used to let the public know the purpose of the medication center, what to expect and what they need to know after they leave the center.

Medication center fact sheet

This fact sheet explains what a medication center is and what the public can expect when they are opened in an emergency. The handout is available in: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese.

Medication center handout
This sheet is designed to be given out at medication centers to let the public know what to expect during their visit and as a take-home resource to help with follow-up questions. Customize the form by replacing the words in red with details about the medication center, the disease, and your local agency's information.

The handout is also available in the languages below. Add event specific information and your own contact information where indicated in red. (Some languages require installing character fonts on your computer. Contact your agency's computer specialist for more help.)

Facts sheets about medications