Resources for Public Health Emergency Centers

During an emergency, temporary centers may be opened either to provide vaccines or medication or to treat the sick and injured. The links below will take you to resources that can help you plan, create, and print signs that help these public health centers run smoothly.

Planning will help save crucial time during an emergency.

Medication/Vaccination Centers

Medication centers and vaccination centers are opened during a public health emergency to dispense medicine to treat the effects of an illness or to vaccinate people to prevent them from contracting a communicable disease.

Many people will move through the centers and the resources in this section will will help move people through more quickly and efficiently.

Health Care Centers

During a disease outbreak, temporary health care centers may be opened to care for the sick. The centers might also be opened during a natural disaster to treat the wounded.

Some people who come to the centers will receive an assessment and be released with instructions for care. Others will require further care and will be treated for several hours or days at the health care center or a nearby hospital.

Signs in the Centers

These signs will be crucial to make your center run smoothly, move people through quickly and give people confidence in the logistics of you center.

Emergency Communications Toolkit

The resources in the Emergency Communications Toolkit are intended to be used by public health and emergency response partners during an emergency. Although geared toward media and public information use, some of the tools may be of assistance to a center's staff to help communicate with the public.

The toolkit contains templates, checklists and fact sheets that are designed to give you a head start when planning an emergency response.

Resources for the public can also be found on our Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (PHEPR) site.