The Learning Center

Staff access online WIC training modules using the Learning Center (LC) online portal.

The Learning Center offers a variety of topics to support Washington WIC staff.

WIC coordinators must complete the Learning Center Account form (Excel) for each new staff and submit it to This is a vital step to take for new staff to begin online learning.

Training Resources

To learn more about the Learning Center, please check out these resources:

LC Tools

  • Learning Center Account form (Excel)
    One form does it all! Use this form to:
    • request a LC user account for a new WIC employee
    • remove an employee LC account when they leave WIC or no longer need LC access
    • change a WIC staff person's profile (name, role, email, supervisor, etc.)
    • request a GoToMeeting account
    • remove a GoToMeeting account
  • How to Log into the LC for the First Time (PDF)
    This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to enter the LC for the first time using your existing SAW account. The instruction document includes a problem-solving section.
  • Training Documentation Form (Word)
    If you view any training as a group, please complete the Training Documentation Form. We use the form to update your transcripts to reflect that you completed the training. Please email the completed form to and add the training title in the Subject line.

Helpful Tips

Find all WIC courses and webinars in the LC by entering “DOH State WIC (and topic)” in the "What would you like to learn today?" search field. They're listed alphabetically, so you may have to page through to find the one you want.

For help, contact us at