WIC Connects

About WIC Connects

WIC Connects is Washington WIC's participant-centered approach to providing WIC services. WIC Connects is about improving services for clients and engaging staff in more meaningful and effective WIC work.

WIC Connects Training Materials

Participant Centered Education (PCE)

This Learning Center course will help staff learn about Participant Centered Education and practice WIC Connects. The course covers basic principles for participant centered education, active listening skills, the spirit of PCE, providing caring services to WIC participants, and more.

Staff complete the DOH State WIC Participant Centered Education course in the Learning Center. It's recommended front-line staff complete modules 1-6 and all staff doing nutrition education counseling complete all modules (1-10).


Energizers are 20–30 minute skill building activities for groups or individuals.

  1. Open-Ended Questions (PDF)
  2. Affirmations (PDF)
  3. Reflections (PDF)
  4. Summaries (PDF)
  5. Assessing Before Educating (PDF)
  6. On Making an Explore, Offer, Explore (EOE) Sandwich (PDF)
  7. Influential Clinics and WIC Connects (PDF)
  8. Points of Acceptance and Affirmations (PDF)
  9. Engagement: It Has a Ring to It (PDF)
  10. Behavior Change - Feelings First! (PDF)

Resources for Skill Building