WIC Certifier Competency Training and Tools

All new certifiers must complete the Certifier Competency Training. Use the following materials to assure certifiers have the knowledge and skills to complete certifications and provide quality nutrition services to participants.

Certifier Competency Training Materials

Trainer's Guide (PDF)

  • Please use this guidance for new certifiers who must complete the Certifier Competency Training in order to become a Competent Professional Authority (CPA).

Post PHE Waiver Certifier Competency Training Guidance (PDF) 

  • Please use this guidance for staff who are in the “temporary Competent Professional Authority (CPA)” status (i.e., completed the certifier competency training during the COVID-19 waiver period). 
  • Temporary CPAs didn’t complete the anthropometric and hematology training and observations and must complete these to provide in-person services.

In-person Certifier Competency Training Materials

When training new staff who complete in-person certifications, including anthropometric measurements and bloodwork, use the following documents: 

Remote (COVID-19) Certifier Competency Training Materials

When training new Certifiers and while staff are not taking anthropometric measurements and are not completing bloodwork, please use the following documents as your guide:

Certifier Competency Training Worksheets (PDFs)

  1. Getting Started on WIC
  2. Communication
  3. Cultural Humility and Implicit Bias
  4. Participant Confidentiality
  5. Anthropometrics
  6. Hematology
  7. Nutrition Assessment
  8. Food Prescription and Benefit Issuance
  9. Nutrition Education
  10. Community Resources and Referrals
  11. Basic Nutrition
  12. Breastfeeding
  13. Child Nutrition
  14. Infant Nutrition
  15. Prenatal Nutrition
  16. Postpartum Nutrition
  17. Cascades


Please share your feedback about the CCT process using the forms below.

Learning Center for Washington WIC Staff

We offer courses on a variety of topics in our Learning Center (LC) to support Certifier Competency Training. To create a LC account and see helpful tools visit our Learning Center page.

Coordinators must notify state WIC staff when a new certifier begins Certifier Competency Training. Complete and submit the Create LC User Account Form to WAWICtraining@doh.wa.gov to fulfill this requirement.

Please note: the LC courses are only available to Washington WIC staff.

Core WIC Training

We strongly encourage new certifiers to attend Core WIC Training in Olympia. This critical training provides certifiers an opportunity to grow their WIC knowledge and build skills for completing certifications. It's the best way to jump start the competency training and reduces training time in the clinic. You'll find the registration form, agenda, and other information on our Core WIC page.

Continuing Education

Certifiers are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of nutrition-focused continuing education each year.

Please use the Training Opportunities table (PDF) to find this year's in-person and online trainings. Please note that we will update this table on a frequent basis, as new trainings become available. We will announce any updates through Q-WIC Notes.

You can find courses, tools, resources, and training materials on several topics on the Training Materials and Modules page and in our Learning Center (LC).

Coordinators must document continuing education training and may use the following sample training logs