Core WIC Training

We’re not currently scheduling for Core WIC Training. However, we’re working hard to consider your training needs.

We know new staff are joining the Washington WIC team and need training on our current policies and computer system, Cascades.

We developed the Core WIC training materials posted below to help you train staff in your clinic. We listed materials according to the Core WIC training agenda, however, staff can complete them in any order.

View the Cascades Software and Policy Training for Local WIC Staff document (PDF), which lists of all the Computer Based Trainings (CBTs), Cascades Training Supplements (CTS) and relevant policy trainings which align with the Cascades system.

If you have questions about these materials, please contact us at or 1-800-841-1410 ext. 0 and ask to speak to a clinic training team representative.

Training Materials

  1. Getting Started in WIC
  2. WIC Connects
  3. Income, ID and Residency
  4. Nutrition Risk Assessment
  1. Directors of First Impressions
  2. Anthropometrics
  3. Assessing Iron
  4. Transfers
  1. Assessment Questions
  2. Nutrition Education
  3. WIC Foods
  4. Breastfeeding
  1. Getting Started in WIC (for all staff)

  2. WIC Connects (for all staff)

  3. Income, ID and Residency (for all staff who assess income eligibility)

  4. Nutrition Risk Assessment (for certifiers/CPA's and Registered Dietitians)

  5. Directors of First Impressions (for all staff)

  6. Anthropometrics (for staff who weigh and measure participants)

  7. Assessing Iron (for certifiers/CPA's and Registered Dietitians)

  8. Transfers (for all staff)

  9. Assessment Questions (for certifiers/CPA's and Registered Dietitians)

  10. Nutrition Education (for certifiers/CPA's and Registered Dietitians)

  11. WIC Foods (for all staff)

  12. Breastfeeding (for all staff)