EMS and Trauma Care System Rules (WAC)

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Index of WAC Chapter 246-976

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246-976-001 Purpose

246-976-010 Definitions


246-976-022 EMS training program requirements, approval, reapproval, discipline.

246-976-023 Initial EMS training course requirements and course approval.

246-976-024 EMS specialized training.

246-976-031 Senior EMS Instructor (SEI)

246-976-032 Senior EMS instructor (SEI) reapproval of recognition.

246-976-033 Denial, suspension, modification or revocation of SEI recognition.

246-976-041 To Apply For Training


246-976-141 Obtain initial EMS provider certification following the successful completion of Washington state approved EMS course.

246-976-142 To obtain reciprocal (out-of-state) EMS certification, based on a current out-of-state or national EMS certification approved by the department.

246-976-143 To obtain EMS certification by challenging the educational requirements, based on possession of a current health care providers credential.

246-976-144 EMS certification.

246-976-161 General education requirements for EMS provider recertification.

246-976-162 The CME method of recertification.

246-976-163 The OTEP method of recertification.

246-976-171 Recertification, reversion, reissuance, and reinstatement of certification.

246-976-182 Authorized care -- Scope of practice.

246-976-191 Disciplinary actions.

Licensure and Verification

246-976-260 Licenses required.

246-976-270 Denial, suspension, revocation.

246-976-290 Ground ambulance vehicle standards.

246-976-300 Ground ambulance and aid service -- Equipment.

246-976-310 Ground ambulance and aid service -- Communications equipment.

246-976-320 Air ambulance services.

246-976-330 Ambulance and aid services -- Record requirements.

246-976-340 Ambulance and aid services -- Inspections and investigations.

246-976-390 Trauma verification of prehospital EMS services.

246-976-395 To apply for initial verification or to change verification status as a prehospital EMS service.

246-976-400 Verification -- Noncompliance with standards.

Trauma Registry

246-976-420 Trauma Registry - - Department Responsibilities

246-976-430 Trauma Registry - - Provider Responsibilities

Designation of Trauma Care Facilities

246-976-580 Trauma designation process

246-976-700 Trauma service standards

246-976-800 Trauma rehabilitation service standards

System Administration

246-976-890 Interhospital Transfer Guidelines and Agreements

246-976-910 Regional Quality Assurance and Improvement Program

246-976-920 Medical Program Director

246-976-930 General Responsibilities of the Department

246-976-935 Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care System Trust Account

246-976-940 Steering Committee

246-976-960 Regional Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Councils

246-976-970 Local Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Councils

246-976-990 Fees and Fines