News release templates


Customize Materials. You will need to customize materials with information about your agency or location, and real-time details about the emergency situation.

Work with your PIO. Always work with your assigned public information staff on communication issues.

Not required. Use of these materials is not required. They were developed as resources to help in public health emergency planning and response. Always consult your agency's emergency plans and policies, and follow appropriate Incident Command System procedures.

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These sample templates were designed to give you a head start during a disease outbreak, bioterrorism event or other public health emergency. Their use is not required; they are provided as samples only.

All media contact should follow the procedures outlined in your agency's emergency plan.

News release templates for specific diseases or biological agents are found in other areas of this site: anthrax, botulism, nerve gas,hemorrhagic fevers, pandemic influenza, pneumonic plague, radiation exposure, smallpox and tularemia.

News releases for public health emergencies and opening of medication centers. These news release templates contain areas to customize with information about:

  • your location,
  • details about the specific situation,
  • locations of medication or treatment centers,
  • updated case and fatality numbers,
  • quotes from local officials or
  • your contact information.

Important Note: These are samples only and may contain information not appropriate for ever event or local health jurisdiction. Do not use them as is — edit them for your specific event. Some of these templates contain information about symptoms; check with your health officer or medical director to make sure they are accurate for the real-time situation.

News Release: Unusual illness investigation
This news release template was designed for use at the beginning of a suspected disease outbreak or attack but before the disease or agent is confirmed by the laboratory. (No specific disease or agent is mentioned.)

News Release: Disease or agent confirmed
This news release template was designed to be used when a disease or agent has been confirmed.

News Release: Medication centers/Health care centers established
This news release template was designed to announce the establishment of medication centers that will distribute medication or vaccines or health care centers that will provide care or treatment.

News Release: Case/fatality update
This news release template was designed to be used each time the number of confirmed cases and number of fatalities is updated.

News Release: Additional medication centers/Health care centers
This news release template was designed to be used when new medication or health care centers are opened.

News Release: General template
This news release template was designed to help you create a news release from scratch.