About the Adjudicative Services Office

The Adjudicative Services Office administers health law hearings for the Department of Health. We report and act independently from other department programs.

Our staff includes health law judges who make initial decisions in all cases before the Department of Health, or as presiding officers in health profession discipline cases that are before a board or commission.

Adjudicative Services Office Organizational Chart, (PDF) (05/16/17) | Department of Health Agency Leadership Team

  • All Department of Health cases proceed pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act Chapter 34.05 RCW.
  • Health Profession discipline cases before a board or commission proceed pursuant to the Washington Administrative Code Chapter 246-11.
  • All other Department of Health cases, including health profession discipline cases not before a board, proceed pursuant to Washington Administrative Code Chapter 246-10.


The Department of Health's Adjudicative Services Office provides an efficient, impartial, fair, and uniform legal process for the litigants and the public.


Fair and impartial - All parties who appear before us will have an opportunity to present their case. Evidence will be heard, and decisions rendered, in a fair, impartial, and unbiased manner.

Integrity and Honesty - We provide an open forum. We follow and uphold the law without undue influence from outside sources.

Respect - We embrace the diversity of individuals and treat all people with dignity.

Stewardship - We provide services in an efficient, competent, and timely manner. We make good use of public resources.