Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

Terms and Conditions

I agree that by accessing this system, I affirm that I am:

  • Currently licensed and authorized to prescribe or dispense drugs; or
  • Currently licensed as a health care practitioner AND I am currently authorized to access this system by a prescriber or dispenser who meets the the requirements in paragraph (1).

I understand that my use of this system is permitted only in connection with:

  • providing medical or pharmaceutical care for my patients.
  • providing my patient his or her own prescription monitoring information contained in the system, so long as I am sure of the patient's identity.

I understand any other access or disclosure of PMP data is a violation of Washington law and may result in civil sanctions or disciplinary action. I further understand that I will treat the information in the system as any other health care information and will protect the information in my possession in accordance with federal and state laws governing health care information.

I understand I am responsible for all use of my user name and password, and any use of the system by a provider I have authorized. I will never share my password with anyone, including co-workers. If any authentication or password is lost or compromised, or if a provider who I have authorized to access the system no longer needs that access, I agree to notify the Department of Health immediately.

I understand the PMP will conduct auditing activities to monitor for unusual or potentially unauthorized use of the system.

Accept terms and conditions and and proceed to System Access / Provider Login