Opioid Prescribing

Addressing the Opioid Crisis Through Prescribing and Monitoring Changes

New SB 5380 Waiver Attestation Forms for the e-prescribing mandate and PMP-EHR integration mandate. The Department of Health and the Washington Legislature are working hard to combat the Opioid Crisis.

In response to the opioid crisis in Washington State and across the country, the legislature directed five prescribing boards and commissions to develop and adopt new opioid prescribing requirements.

The Department of Health, in collaboration with the boards and commissions, is providing education and outreach on Washington's new opioid prescribing requirements.

This page has information for providers, patients, and the public.

See the main Department of Health Opioid webpage to find the Washington State Opioid Response Plan, opioid data, prevention, treatment and support, and resource information.

Opioid Prescribing Rules, Education and Outreach

For the Public / Pain Patient For Practitioners Prescription Monitoring

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