Washington State Quitline

Quitline graphic: celebrating 20 years

Many of your clients, including those with Medicaid coverage, have access to the Washington State Quitline service provider's Quit For Life® program. Uninsured and underinsured* Washingtonians are typically eligible for at least five counseling calls and two weeks of nicotine replacement therapy, courtesy of CDC grant funding. Regardless of insurance status, your clients can call 1-800-QUIT-NOW, text READY to 200-400, or go to quitline.com to start the Quitline registration process and learn about available services.

Washington State Quitline - Find your freedom - Text READY to 200-400 or Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-794-8669)

An evaluation of 2018-19 Quitline services (PDF) estimated that nearly 35 percent of participants had quit within seven months, and 4 in 5 participants were satisfied with their experience. The following free Quitline resources can help you help your clients live longer, healthier lives:

The Quitline can also accept referrals via email and electronic health record submission. Email the DOH Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program for questions about setting up an electronic referral (“e-referral”) process.

Current Quitline utilization data are available on the Washington State Quitline utilization dashboard.

* Underinsured in this instance is defined as having a health plan without a tobacco cessation telephone counseling benefit (see Insurance coverage and billing).