Protecting Pregnancy and Miscarriage-Related Care

Hospitals and other health care facilities may not limit medical professionals from providing treatment for pregnancy complications. Print Handout (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Senate Bill 5140 Protecting Pregnancy and Miscarriage-Related Care?

This 2021 law prohibits hospitals and other health care entities from restricting medical professionals' treatment of patients with pregnancy complications. Those complications include miscarriage management and treatment for ectopic pregnancies. The law applies when a health care entity's restriction would violate the standard of care, risk a patient's life or result in irreversible harm to a patient's body.

What is a health care entity?

Health care entities are hospitals, clinics, or any medical facility responsible for supervising, controlling, granting privileges, directing, and restricting the practice of health care providers.

What is pregnancy and miscarriage-related care?

Pregnancy and miscarriage-related care include but are not limited to treatment for miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies.

How are health care providers protected?

Health care entities may not discharge, demote, suspend, discipline, or otherwise discriminate against health care professionals for providing services in compliance with this law.

Health care entities may limit a health care provider's practice while reviewing federal or state requirements, for quality control, or patient safety.

When does this law take effect?

The law took effect on July 25, 2021. Senate Bill 5140 has been codified under chapter 70.400 RCW.

What is required of health care entities?

Health care entities must provide a copy of this information at the time of a health care professional's hire, contracting, or obtaining privileges and yearly after that. Information about this requirement is on the Washington State Department of Health website.