General Communicable Diseases

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The following instruction manuals and resources provide guidance for the General Communicable Diseases (GCD) module in WDRS.

GCD Data Collection

  • WDRS GCD Instruction Manual (PDF)
    Guidance for using the General Communicable Diseases (GCD) Model of the Washington Disease Reporting System (WDRS) and includes descriptions of and directions for various fields.



  • WDRS GCD Report Data Dictionary (Excel)
    This publication serves as a data dictionary for DOH-created GCD reports in WDRS. This includes a codebook of model fields for reference and report interpretation.

Laboratory Results

Refer to the WDRS Lab Results Instruction Manual (PDF) for complete directions for entering lab data.

  • Lab Addendum (PDF)
    This document contains additional Lab Results sections from the paper forms for capturing multiple lab results.

Guides for users inputting laboratory results into the Washington Disease Reporting System:

Additional Resources