Drug User Health Resource Hub

This page is a resource for healthcare providers, local health jurisdictions, and health educators. The educational materials below are to share with patients or communities at risk of overdose.

Materials come in a variety of formats that can be downloaded and printed if desired. The title and description of the materials are provided below, and all are available in many languages.

Naloxone Instructions

This brochure provides information on how to use Naloxone for a drug overdose.

How to Build an IM Naloxone Kit

This 3-page pamphlet describes how to assemble an intramuscular naloxone kit.

Xylazine (Tranq)-Involved Overdose Response

This brochure and poster explains how to respond to a xylazine-involved overdose.

150246 How to respond to xylazine involved overdose
Fentanyl Test Strip Instructions

These 2-page pamphlets and posters contain information on how to use fentanyl test strips.

Xylazine Test Strip Instructions

These 2-page pamphlets and posters contain information on how to use Xylazine test strips.