Emergency Publications for Consumers


Emergency Preparedness Fact Sheets, and Emergency Resource Guide—Resource Guide contains information on preparing for emergencies, from tips on preventing the spread of germs to a checklist of emergency supplies. Download the entire booklet in English or Spanish, or print out individual fact sheets on topics of interest. Many of the fact sheets are also available in Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Direct links to Weather and Nature sections of the Guide are available separately below.

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water (EPA Publication 816-F-15-003)

Treating Drinking Water for Emergency Use (PDF, DOH 331-115)

Color, taste, and odor problems in drinking water (PDF, DOH 331-286)

Consumers: If you have questions concerning the safety of your drinking water, contact your local health department.

Water Systems: see Emergency Publications for Water Systems.

For additional information contact your regional Drinking Water office.