Zika Virus Testing

When to test for Zika

If in doubt about whether testing is indicated, or which tests to order, contact your Local Health Jurisdiction.

Zika testing is not routinely recommended for most patients because of low to no Zika virus transmission being reported globally. CDC's guidance for testing changes frequently with changing epidemiology. Updated testing guidance (CDC)

CDC's Zika Travel Recommendation Map provides updated information about countries affected by Zika.

Zika testing should only be ordered for persons with symptoms consistent with Zika virus disease and possible exposure, and is not routinely recommended for asymptomatic pregnant women. Testing should not be used to rule out infection for pre-conception planning.

Zika testing should also be ordered for infants with clinical findings consistent with congenital Zika syndrome who were born to mothers with possible exposure during pregnancy (regardless of the mother's Zika test results), or for normal-appearing infants who were born to mothers with laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection during pregnancy.

At this time, Zika virus testing is not being routinely performed at the Washington State Public Health Laboratories. However, PHL will facilitate testing through CDC and Zika virus testing is available through many commercial laboratories, including:

  • LabCorp
  • ARUP
  • Quest
  • Mayo

Interpreting Zika virus testing results

Understanding Results from the ZIKV DetectTM IgM Capture ELISA