Neurodevelopmental Centers of Excellence of Washington

The Neurodevelopmental Centers of Washington (NDC) are a group of community non-profit and hospital-based agencies who provide therapy and related services to young children with neuromuscular or developmental disorders. The centers are located across the state, each one meeting needs specific to its community.

What Services do NDCs Provide? 

NDCs provide speech, occupational and physical therapies. They also offer consultation referrals based on a primary care provider's recommendation. Other services may include nursing, nutrition, social work, educational services, adaptive equipment, computer-assisted communication therapy, and hydrotherapy. 

What is the Quality of Care at NDCs? 

The NDCs in Washington deliver the highest quality care services. All professional staff at NDCs are pediatric specialists. And NDCs across the state stay connected to share information and provide training and education opportunities for their staff. They use the latest information and best practices to care for children in their care and their families.

Do NDCs Provide Case Management? 

Children and youth with neuromuscular and developmental disorders have complex health care needs. NDC service coordinators work with families to help identify and meet their needs. They also teach families to find their way through the health care system and help coordinate care.

Are Families Included in Their Child's Care? 

Families are an integral part of the health care team and are encouraged to work closely with their child's therapists. NDC staff work with families to set and meet goals for each child and to teach families about therapies, so they can be incorporated into the child's daily routine. 

How is a Child Referred to an NDC? 

Families can connect with an NDC for their child’s needs; the primary care providers or other professionals may also refer them. A child may be referred due to concerns about muscle tone, inability to suck, swallow, or eat properly, or other developmental concerns. 

The specialized services Neurodevelopmental Center's offer allow children to catch up in their development. Without these services, children will not make the amazing gains they do when properly served. Read more about NDC partnerships and success stories of children impacted by a local NDC.

How are These Services Funded? 

NDCs assist families in integrating funds from multiple sources. The following are common funding sources: